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Negwegon State Park

rocky shoreline

Negwegon State Park

The DNR has begun the process of updating the phase 2 general management plan for Negwegon State Park in Alcona and Alpena counties. The process typically takes one year to complete, and it's currently in the beginning stages. Public and stakeholder input will be a critical part of the process.

A park's phase 2 general management plan defines a long-range (10- to 20-year) planning and management strategy to protect and preserve the site’s natural and cultural resources and provide access to land- and water-based public recreation and educational opportunities. 

About the park

Negwegon State Park is located on Lake Huron between Harrisville and Alpena in Alpena and Alcona counties. The 3,738-acre park has over 9 miles of Lake Huron shoreline and is popular for wildlife viewing, hunting and trapping, hike-in and paddle-in rustic camping and education and interpretation.



For more information, contact Matt Lincoln, DNR Parks and Recreation Division land specialist, at