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Palms Book State Park

bird's-eye view of Palm Books State Park's spring and raft

Palms Book State Park

The DNR is in the process of developing a new general management plan for Palms Book State Park in Schoolcraft County. The project is facilitated by Beckett & Raeder Inc. of Ann Arbor. Public and stakeholder input will be a critical part of the process. The process typically takes one year to complete.

A park's general management plan defines a long-range (10- to 20-year) planning and management strategy to protect and preserve the site’s natural and cultural resources and provide access to land- and water-based public recreation and educational opportunities.

There is also a new general management plan in the works for Indian Lake State Park.

About the park

Palms Book State Park, located at the north end of Indian Lake, is home to Kitch-iti-kipi or the Big Spring. This renowned natural attraction is Michigan’s largest freshwater spring with more than 10,000 gallons of water per minute gushing through fissures in the underlying limestone at a constant 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can view the springs from a self-propelled ADA accessible observation raft. Concessions and souvenirs are available at a store open seasonally and a boat launch provides access to Indian Lake, the Upper Peninsula’s fourth-largest inland lake.

Plan development

To gather input for the park's draft plan, an online public survey and stakeholder meeting was first available in spring 2023. The planning team carefully reviewed the feedback and incorporated it into a new draft. The DNR then held a virtual public meeting in November 2023 to gather public feedback on the Palms Book State Park draft general management plan Indian Lake State Park draft general management plan. The meeting was recorded, and an online survey was made available for additional input. The public comment period is now closed.

DNR staff is currently reviewing the input received and revising the draft plan, as appropriate, before proceeding with plan approval.



For more information, contact Debbie Jensen, DNR Parks and Recreation Division management plan administrator, at