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Andersen Trail

The Andersen Trail takes visitors through the marsh. The first 2 miles of paved, barrier-free trail meander through this wildlife haven where the telltale signs of waterfowl, herons, turtles, otters, marsh wrens and beavers are readily visible. The trail then connects to an unpaved 4-mile loop that winds through a wooded wetland and features two 60-foot observation towers.

Chickadee Nature Trail

The Chickadee Nature Trail is a short, half-mile, paved accessible trail that threads its way through a remnant oak-savannah prairie. Colorful trailside displays help visitors explore this fragile habitat where birds, butterflies and blossoms abound. The trail was made possible by the Bay City Garden Club.

Lagoon Nature Trail

The Lagoon Nature Trail explores wooded wetlands, forested beaches and open shoreline habitat. This 1-mile, hard-surfaced trail circles the lagoon and meanders along the shores of the bay. The first section, which is universally accessible, leads to a shoreline boardwalk that offers several panoramic views of the bay. The trail also features shoreline spotting scopes, and accessible picnicking sites and fishing pier.