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Safe ORV riding

Ride Right with checkmark

Safe ORV riding

Checkmark. Slow down.
Speed and rider inexperience are the primary contributing factors for ORV accidents, serious injuries and death.

Important safety tips

  • Ride at a safe speed.
  • Ride on the right side of the trail.
  • Keep lights on when riding.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Ride sober and safe.
  • Operate within the limits of your ORV and yourself.
  • Only transport a passenger when the ORV has been manufactured to carry a passenger. Aftermarket add-ons do not permit a passenger to ride on/in a machine. Refer to the manufacturer's user manual for clarification.
  • Ride with a group.
  • Create a ride plan and share it with others. A ride plan includes the times and locations you will be riding, along with check-in points.
  • Know your terrain and be prepared to adjust for changing environmental conditions.
  • Stay on the trail an ensure the area you intend to ride is open to ORV activity.
  • Stay off state highways (those designated as M or US).
Trail etiquette icon

Trail etiquette

Knowing the rules for mixed-use trails and interacting respectfully with other users helps ensure a fun and safe day in the outdoors.

ORV safety certificate

Get safety certified

Operators under age 16 in Michigan must take an approved ORV education course.

rules and regulations

Rules & regulations

It's your responsibility to know the rules and regulations before you ride.