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Harvest Registration Information

Online Harvest Registrations

The DNR is responsible for monitoring the harvest of fish and wildlife in Michigan, and we have developed a new harvest registration system to collect this information from anglers of certain harvested species. Currently, lake sturgeon and muskellunge anglers are required to report their harvest.

Why do we require registration?

  • Lake sturgeon and muskellunge populations can be sensitive to harvest, and knowing the number harvested helps to understand the needed management.
  • Registering your harvest provides helpful information on successes of stocking.
  • Lake sturgeon and muskellunge are a late-maturing, long-lived species and knowing what sizes these fish are being harvested is helpful to maintain a healthy population.

Muskellunge mandatory reporting requirement

Muskellunge harvest is limited to only 1 muskellunge per angler per year (April 1 - March 31). Anglers who harvest a muskellunge are required to report it by going online to or by calling 888-636-7778. Anglers who harvest a muskellunge are required to report the harvest within 24 hours. 

Lake Sturgeon mandatory reporting requirement

Anglers who harvest a lake sturgeon are required to report the harvest within 24 hours. Anglers can report their harvest online at or by calling 888-636-7778. Please note, harvest registrations can not be done at DNR state fish hatcheries, other DNR field offices, or DNR Customer Service Centers. EXCEPTION: Lake sturgeon harvested from Black Lake (Cheboygan & Presque Isle Cos.) must be immediately registered on-site with DNR personnel (see below).

Sturgeon harvested from Black Lake

Must be registered immediately on-site with DNR personnel, instructions will be given when you register for the fishery and obtain a flag (see Black Lake section in current Michigan Fishing Guide).