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Take A Stand Day 2010
Contact: Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division

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MIOSHA "Take a Stand Day" for Safety and Health

Across the state, 190 employers participated in “Take a Stand Day” for workplace safety and health on May 5th!

Image of Triangle & Associates
Triangle & Associates, was visited by
Reo Rodriguez, Construction Safety Officer

Image of Detroit Diesel
Detroit Diesel, was visited by
George Zagresky, General Industry Safety Officer

2010 marks the 35th anniversary of the modern MIOSHA program. Our sixth annual “Take a Stand Day” is part of MIOSHA’s efforts to commemorate the importance of workplace safety and health during this anniversary year. On May 5th, MIOSHA dedicated more than 125 professional staff to visit Michigan high-hazard industries targeted by the MIOSHA Strategic Plan. This year 190 companies participated and here are some of their comments:

It was a great forum for everyone and it was appreciated by us and also the owner of the project.
(DeMoria Building Company)

Not only did the MIOSHA representative inspect our facility, he educated us as well. (M.D.A.H.S.)

MIOSHA does a nice job of pushing the education part of safety. (Detroit Diesel)

The “Take a Stand” program was most helpful. We’re glad we participated and appreciate the guidance. (Falcon Corporation)

Provide more “Take a Stand” days, they would be a benefit for Michigan construction companies. (O’Brien Construction Company)

The MIOSHA representative was very knowledgeable not only of the specific directives, but also just good common sense practices to reduce employee injuries. (Pliant Plastics Corp.)

If you missed “Take a Stand Day,” NO Penalty and NO Citation consultations are available every day from the MIOSHA Consultation Education & Training (CET) Division.

Image of Gorvo Nelson
Gorvo Nelson was visited by
Val Hicks, Occupational Safety Consultant

Image of Heat Truss & Engineering
Heat Truss & Engineering, Lansing
was visited by Joe Barela, CET Onsite Safety Consultant

Image of Dufrene Machinery
Dufrene Machinery, Inc., Ithaca
was visited by Bill Shane, CET Onsite Safety Consultant

Image of Ossineke Industries
Ossineke Industries,
was visited by
Joe La Blanc, General Industry Safety Officer