For Calendar Year 2020

Under Section 18(a) of 1994 PA 434, generators of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) are required to provide information to the Michigan Low-Level Radioactive Waste Authority on an annual basis or as required by the Authority.  Information requested includes waste volumes, curie content of the waste, and other data relevant to waste management and disposal.  This survey will fulfill the generator's reporting requirements for calendar year 2020.

This survey is due June 30, 2021

If you have any questions concerning this survey, contact Marcus Quinlan at 517-230-5940 (quinlanm@michigan.gov) or TR Wentworth at 517-915-8881 (wentwortht@michigan.gov).
Please provide the following information (* required):
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* Facility Name:  
* Facility Address:  
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* State:  
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If other facility locations are included in this response, please list them in the spaces here:  
  1. If your facility has a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) License Number, please enter that here.  If all radioactive materials are possessed under an NRC General License, indicate GL.
  2.* Do you generate LLRW which, due to the short half-life of it's isotopes, may be stored for decay and eventually disposed as nonradioactive waste?
For all remaining questions, DO NOT include:
(1) waste that is stored for decay which can then be disposed as non-radioactive waste or
(2) sealed sources which can be returned to the manufacturer.
3.    A.*     In 2020, did your facility generate radioactive waste that requires disposal in a licensed LLRW disposal facility?
       B.*     Do you anticipate generating LLRW in the future?
       C.*     Is your facility storing any radioactive material or waste, generated prior to 2020, that is now awaiting disposal?

If you answered NO to 3A, 3B AND 3C, it is not necessary to complete the rest of the survey. Please click the Submit Form button at the bottom of this page.
If you answered YES to 3A ,3B, OR 3C, please complete all remaining questions that are appropriate and applicable.


     4.      A. Please estimate the volume of LLRW generated in calendar year 2020 that has been disposed, or will require disposal, in a licensed LLRW disposal facility. Total Cubic Feet

.             B. If known, break down the total volume entered in 4A into waste classes Appendix 1 provides a description of waste classes.
NOTE:  The sum of the entries below should equal the answer in question 4A.

    Class A   Class B   Class C   Mixed   Don't Know

     5. Use the following table to characterize the LLRW generated in calendar year 2020.  Please indicate the volume, total activity and principle radionuclides for each waste stream that has been disposed or will require disposal in a licensed LLRW facility.  The estimated volume for all waste streams reported should equal the total cubic feet volume reported in 4A.
Click here for a description of waste streams.

Waste Stream Estimated Volume
(Cubic Feet)
Total Activity
Principle Nuclides
Dry Active Waste
Medical Generators
Aqueous Liquids
Organic Liquids (not oils)
Animal Carcasses
Biological Waste (exclude carcasses)
Activated Equipment or Shielding
Contaminated Hazardous Material
Rubble, Sand, Soil, etc.
Evaporator Concentrates
Air Filter Media, Cartridges
Liquid Filter Media, Cartridges
Ion Exchange Resins
Sealed Sources


     6. Please estimate the volume of waste shipped for disposal (either directly or through a broker or processor) at a licensed LLRW disposal facility in calendar year 2020. Total Cubic Feet

     7. Please identify the volume (in cubic feet) of waste sent to the following disposal sites during calendar year 2020:
Alaron Nuclear Services, LLC (Wampum, PA):    
Energy Solutions, LLC (Barnwell, SC):    
Energy Solutions, LLC (Clive, UT):    
Energy Solutions, LLC (Grand View, ID):    
Energy Solutions, LLC (Oak Ridge, TN):    
Perma Fix (Gainesville, FL):    
Toxco Materials Management (Oak Ridge, TN):    
Waste Control Specialists (Andrews, TX):    
U.S. Ecology (Richland, WA):    
Don't Know:    
Other (please specify)   


     8.      A. Please estimate the cubic feet of LLRW, currently in storage, that will require disposal in a licensed LLRW disposal facility. Total Cubic Feet

              B. What percentage of the waste in storage was generated in calendar year 2020?    %

     9. What difficulties, if any, are you experiencing in your effort to ship stored wastes for disposal? Please explain:

     10. Please provide any other comments or explanations that will help us understand your responses to this survey, or any other information you wish to share with us.


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