Consultation Education and Training Division
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Image of Mike Brodzik, CET Safety Consultant
Michael Brodzik

Michael Brodzik joined MIOSHA in 2005 as a Safety Officer in the General Industry Safety and Health Division.  His duties and responsibilities included inspecting a variety of workplaces to evaluate their compliance with State occupational safety rules, investigating employee complaints, industrial accidents, and workplace fatalities.

In 2016, Michael was appointed to the position of Occupational Safety Consultant in MIOSHA’s Consultation Education and Training (CET) Division.  He advises businesses, general industry employers, unions, employee groups, schools, municipalities, and other governmental agencies with identifying occupational safety hazards consistent with the requirements of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act.  Michael assists employers establish and implement occupational safety and health programs in their respective companies.  He develops and conducts training seminars and workshops; conducts workplace safety and health hazard surveys; analyzes the effectiveness of safety and health management systems; and provides consultation to employees, employers, and other interested parties on a variety of occupational safety issues.

Michael provides consultation, training, workplace evaluation, and related duties, primarily of the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Prior to joining MIOSHA, Michael held positions of safety and environmental compliance in the chemical formulation, military defense contracting, workers’ compensation insurance and waste management industries.
Michael has a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in the biological sciences from Wayne State University.