Module 4: Safety and Health Training


Ensure that all employees understand the hazards to which they may be exposed and how to prevent harm to themselves and
others from exposure to these hazards.

In an effective safety and health management system, it is crucial that all employees at the worksite understand their role, the
hazards and potential hazards that need to be prevented or controlled, and how to protect themselves and others.  

Can your employees explain every hazard to which they are exposed or potentially exposed?  Can they explain how to protect
themselves and their co-workers from these hazards?  Can they tell you precisely what they are to do in case of a fire or other
emergency?  If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you may not be training your employees effectively. 

The goal of training is to help the employees understand safety and health hazards, and how to protect themselves and others
from such hazards.  It is most effective when it is incorporated into other training about performance requirements and job practices.    

Effective systems for training and education involve:

Topic 1: Training Documentation

Even if you operate a very small business, it is to your advantage to keep training records.  A simple format is all that is needed: 
who was trained, on what topic or job, on what date, and an evaluation of the learner's participation and success. These records
will help you make sure that everyone who needs training will receive it, that refresher courses will be provided at regular
intervals, and that documentation will be available, if necessary, to show that training was done appropriately. 


Topic 2: Safe Lifting Techniques

Due to the large number of occurrences and cost of back injuries it’s a good idea to remind employees about safe lifting
techniques.  Safe lifting plays an important role in keeping your back healthy. Although there doesn't seem to be just one
right method to lift an object, there are lifting techniques that take strain off the low back area. 


5-Minute Talks


Topic 3: Hearing Conservation


Conduct a 5-Minute Safety Talk on Hearing

Noise is unwanted sound. It can have different effects on you.  Noise can interfere with your communications when you are
talking to someone. As a consequence, it interferes with your job performance and your safety. Because hearing loss is so
gradual, even in intense exposures, by the time you realize that you can't hear as well as you used to, the damage has been
done and can't be reversed.


Topic 4: Training Evaluation

Evaluation will help employers and supervisors ensure that the desired learning has been achieved and that the employees’
performance has improved on the job.  Ensure that all employees understand the hazards to which they may be exposed
and how to prevent them. 


Spot Check

Safety & Health Quizzes


Topic 5: Ergonomics


Find the Ergonomic Problems


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