Safety and Health Management System

All organizations must embrace a culture where all members actively manage workplace safety and health by implementing
a comprehensive safety and health management system. 

Successfully managing hazards requires that all staff understand the high importance of workplace safety and health.  This is
accomplished when staff understand the value placed on safety and health by top leadership, their own performance
responsibilities and everyone continues, to learn more about safety and health.

A Safety and Health Management System is a set of interrelated elements that establish and/or support occupational safety
and health policy and objectives, and mechanisms to achieve those objectives in order to continually improve safety and health

The management system approach is characterized by its emphasis on continual improvement and systematically eliminating the
underlying or root causes of deficiencies.  For example, in a system approach, if an inspection finds an unguarded machine, not
only would the unguarded machine be fixed, but there would also be a systematic process in place to discover and eliminate the
underlying reason for the deficiency.  This process might then lead to the goal of replacing the guards with a more effective
design or to the replacement of the machines themselves so that the hazard is eliminated.  The systematic approach seeks a
long-term solution rather than a one-time fix.

The benefits of implementing a safety and health management system include:

Lowered workers' compensation costs
Reduced turnover of personnel
Reduced lost workdays
Compliance with standards and regulations
Increased productivity
Improved employ health status
Improved product quality
Higher morale of employees
Reduction or elimination of property damage due to incidents
Reduced business interruption costs
Reduced impact on the environment due to incidents

An effective safety and health management system consists of elements that apply safety and health management practices of
employers who have been successful in protecting the safety and health of their employees.  An effective safety and health
management system depends on the:

Integrating these elements into the way you conduct business will help develop or strengthen the safety and health culture and
identify safety and health as a core organizational value.