Use the information in this table to build hazard awareness and prevent risk for similar occurrences in your workplace. This table shares preliminary details
about many of the fatalities reported to the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These descriptions reflect information provided to
MIOSHA at the initial report of the incident and are not the result of the official MIOSHA investigation.

When available, MIFACE Summaries of MIOSHA Inspections will be included at the end of the description.


Fatality Number




Type of Injury


Incident Location (City)

1. 02/13/20 Sawmill Laborer 59 Caught in or between A 59-year-old sawmill laborer was putting salt onto a debarker conveyor to help prevent the belt from slipping. As he was placing salt onto the conveyor system, a rotating sprocket snagged his coat and entangled him. Fairview
2. 03/13/20 Mechanic 42 Struck by A 42-year-old mechanic was changing the oil in a car that was a manual transmission. Another mechanic started the car to cycle the oil and released the clutch, causing the car to jump forward striking and pinning the mechanic against a toolbox. Emergency services were called and he was taken to hospital where he was pronounced deceased. Rochester Hills
3. 03/13/20 Volunteer Firefighter 23 Fall (same level) A 23-year-old volunteer firefighter was performing firefighting operations on a tri-level residence. During the structure fire, the firefighter partially fell through floor joists on the upper level of the residence. A “mayday” was issued from other firefighters inside the residence. An emergency response team was assembled and entered the residence to extract the fallen firefighter. He was evacuated from the scene and pronounced dead en-route to the hospital.    Gwinn
4. 03/18/20 Machine Operator 35 Caught in or between A 35-year-old machine operator was loading and unloading parts into the cavity of a 200-ton horizontal hydraulic press used to form metal. He was positioned within the sensing field of the light curtains. The machine cycled and crushed the machine operator between the ram and the collet die. Litchfield
5. 03/19/20 Shop Manager 38 Struck by A 38-year-old shop manager was working on a banding line trying to get a roll of coil steel straightened out when the arm retracted after the shop manager told someone to push a button. The shop manager was not able to get out of the way in time and was struck in the head by the arm. Emergency services were called and he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Detroit
6. 01/23/20 Owner 66 Caught in or between A 66-year-old owner was performing maintenance underneath a raised fork truck. The fork truck came down from the support and the owner was found underneath the fork truck. First responders determined the owner died from blunt force trauma. Saginaw
7. 05/06/20 Ironworker 48 Fall (from elevation) A 48-year-old ironworker was performing bolt-ups while on the main rack and fell 25-feet to the ground below. East China
8. 06/04/20 Heavy Equipment Operator 38 Struck by A 38-year-old heavy equipment operator was run over by a piece of equipment he was operating. Midland
9. 07/15/20 Master Electrician 44 Shock A 44-year-old master electrician removed the cover from a 480-volt electrical panel to repaint the cover. As he was placing and securing caution tape in and around the electrical panel, the master electrician came in contact with exposed electrical conductors inside the panel and was electrocuted.  Brighton
10. 07/19/20 Maintenance Technician and Electrician 60 Shock A 60-year-old maintenance technician/electrician began replacing 480-VAC wiring powering a conveyor drive motor. The maintenance technician/electrician was working alone making a new connection in a junction box containing multiple energized wires. He contacted energized wires and was subsequently electrocuted. He was discovered by coworkers at approximately 11:45 a.m. who immediately called 911. The maintenance technician/electrician was pronounced dead on the scene. Warren
11. 07/20/20 Landscaper 40 Struck by A 40-year-old landscaper was cutting down an approximate 10-foot high tree stump. He had made cuts at the base; the stump fell in the wrong direction striking him. Holland
12. 03/06/20 Dryer Technician 53 Fall (from elevation) A 53-year-old dryer technician had been conducting cleaning activities, with the use of an air wand, on a catwalk approximately 23-feet above the ground. During the cleaning task, he fell through the catwalk’s guardrail system and sustained fatal injuries.  Sagola
13. 07/28/20 Forklift Mechanic 49 Struck against A 49-year-old forklift mechanic was found between the mast and the overhead guard on a forklift. Another employee moved the mast forward and the forklift mechanic slumped down. Other employees came to the area and helped lower him to the ground and began assessing his condition. Employees began resuscitation efforts until first responders arrived and took over. The forklift mechanic was pronounced deceased at the scene. Brighton
14. 08/19/20 Laborer 56 Caught in or between A 56-year-old laborer was installing underground utilities when the excavation collapsed. South Haven
15. 03/29/20 Patient Services Associate 64 Other On March 19, a 64-year-old patient services associate who was responsible for check-in/check-out of patients as they arrived for their scheduled appointments, left work feeling ill with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. She never returned to work and passed away on March 29, 2020. The death certificate lists the manner of death as natural due to COVID-19. Ann Arbor
16. 03/28/20 Bus Driver 51 Other On March 16, a 51-year-old bus driver was transporting the general public on a regular bus route while symptomatic. He called in sick the following day and never returned to the workplace. The bus driver was admitted to the hospital on March 22, tested positive for COVID-19 on March 28, 2020, and died the same day. Ann Arbor
17. 05/03/20 Custodian II 77 Other On March 16, a 77-year-old custodian was asymptomatic for COVID-19, his last day of work. On March 27, the custodian tested positive for the Coronavirus and was immediately hospitalized and placed on a ventilator.  He passed away at the hospital on May 3, 2020. Ann Arbor
18. 09/21/20 Laborer 26 Struck by A 26-year-old laborer was sent to repair a manhole and replace the cover when he was struck by a passing vehicle. St. Clair Shores
19. 06/03/20 Corrections Program Coordinator 54 Other On May 26, a 54-year-old corrections program coordinator was sent home from work when she developed SARS-CoV-2 symptoms. The employer was informed of her passing on June 5, 2020. Lapeer
20. 07/03/20 Correctional Officer 55 Other On May 1, a 55-year-old correctional officer contacted his employer stating he was not feeling well and was experiencing SARS-CoV-2 symptoms. On May 4, the correctional officer was tested for COVID-19 and on May 6, he was notified his test results were positive. The employee was hospitalized and on July 3, the employer reported to MIOSHA that the correctional officer had died.    Adrian
21. 07/08/20 Farm Worker 21 Heat Stroke On July 7, at approximately 7:30 a.m., a 21-year-old farm worker began working in a farm field staking posts for eggplant growth. Around 3:15 p.m., the farm worker complained of being hot and was transported by co-workers to his residence and given water. Around 3:40 p.m., the owner stopped by to check on the farm worker and called emergency services who transported him to the hospital. On July 8, the owner was notified that the farm worker had died. Hartford
22. 09/03/20 Laborer 49 Caught in or between A 49-year-old laborer was walking between a dump truck and a swamp mat. The excavator turned on its axis and the counterweight made contact with the top mat pushing it towards the laborer that was walking by. He was struck in the chest. Highland
23. 04/01/20 Nurse 54 Other A 54-year-old nurse at a hospital had developed symptoms of COVID-19 exposure. She tested positive and quarantined at her home. A wellness check was done by a representative from the hospital at the nurse's home on April 1, but she did not respond to knocks at the door. A neighbor and the representative entered the house with a spare key and found the deceased on a couch.  Dearborn
24. 04/04/20 Registered Nurse 52 Other The victim's spouse called the employer on March 23, and indicated the 52-year-old registered nurse had a fever and cough since the prior day. The victim was instructed to stay home and follow-up with his primary care physician or go to the emergency room, if needed. The victim was admitted to a hospital on an unknown date and passed away from complications from COVID-19 on April 4, 2020. The victim worked in the ICU where patients are admitted for COVID-19. Flint
25. 04/10/20 Supply Chain Clerk 64 Other On March 30, a 64-year-old supply chain clerk called his employer to report that he had COVID-19 symptoms like cough, shortness of breath and chills since March 27 and was admitted to the hospital the same day. He passed away on April 10, 2020, due to COVID-19. Flint
26. 04/12/20 Patient Care Associate 35 Other At the beginning of April, a 35-year-old patient care associate who provided direct care to COVID-19 patients, had COVID-19 symptoms and was admitted to a hospital. She passed away on April 12, 2020. Detroit
27. 04/12/20 Surgical Technician 49 Other On April 9, a 49-year-old surgical technician had COVID-19 symptoms and was admitted to the hospital where she passed on April 12, 2020. The deceased worked part time at one hospital and full time at another hospital in Detroit. Detroit
28. 04/13/20 Hemo Dialysis Technician 69 Other A 69-year-old hemo dialysis technician was exposed to COVID-19 doing patient care. He began showing symptoms on April 2 and tested positive on April 3. He was being treated at home and passed away on April 13, 2020. Detroit
29. 04/18/20 Patient Care Associate 63 Other On April 9, a 63-year-old patient care associate had COVID-19 symptoms after attending to a COVID-19 positive patient. She was hospitalized on April 13 and passed away on April 18, 2020. The deceased provided direct patient care. Detroit
30. 04/30/20 Environmental Services Associate 48 Other A 48-year-old environmental services associate assigned to the emergency department of a hospital tested positive for the coronavirus on April 14, 2020, was admitted into the hospital the same day, and passed away on April 30, 2020. Battle Creek
31. 05/03/20 Clinical Social Worker 44 Other On March 23, a 44-year-old clinical social worker was hospitalized for COVID-19. He passed away on May 3, 2020. The deceased had exposures to COVID-19 patients; he talked to them in person about patient care.   Detroit
32. 05/06/20 Credentialing Specialist 47 Other A 47-year-old credentialing specialist worked in the same office with two coworkers who tested positive for COVID-19. She informed Human Resources that she got sick on April 2. Within a week, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with COVID-19. She passed away on May 6, 2020. Detroit
33. 05/19/20 Laborer 67 Other A 67-year old laborer was the third of three employees who developed COVID-19 like symptoms that later tested positive for the disease. He self-isolated, never returned to work, and was admitted to a local hospital on May 13 for treatment. On May 19, 2020, his family informed the farm that he had died as the result of complications associated with COVID-19. Sturgis
34. 09/24/20 Project Superintendent 40 Struck by A 40-year-old project superintendent was inspecting and measuring for future road work when he was struck by a vehicle.   Walton Township
35. 04/06/20 Certified Nursing Assistant 57 Other On March 24, a 57-year-old certified nursing assistant tested positive for COVID-19 after being hospitalized the day before. She provided residents assistance with daily activities. She did not do any medical procedures. Certain residents and employees had tested positive for COVID-19 in the nursing home. Detroit
36. 04/10/20 Certified Nursing Assistant 65 Other On March 22, a 65-year-old certified nursing assistant had a seizure and went to the hospital. She tested positive for COVID-19, was put on a ventilator, and passed away on April 10, 2020.  She did not give medication to residents but would assist them with daily activities like bathing, feeding, etc. She was exposed within the facility to residents and employees that tested positive for COVID-19. Detroit
37. 06/04/20 Registered Respiratory Therapist 57 Other On April 12, a 57-year-old registered respiratory therapist assisted a patient who she felt was a suspected COVID-19 patient. On April 14, she developed COVID symptoms and tested positive the next day. She was admitted to the hospital on April 16 and was sent home two days later for five hours, after which she returned to the hospital. On April 23, she was put on a ventilator and the employer was informed of her passing on June 4, 2020. Saginaw
38. 10/25/20 Supervisor 60 Struck by A 60-year-old supervisor was trying to repair a shot peening machine that was not running correctly. The supervisor was positioned underneath the machine and instructed another employee to unload the equipment. The employee had completed the unloading of the machine and when the machine tipped back to the load position, the supervisor was crushed.  Coldwater
39. 10/28/20 Truck Driver 47 Struck by A 47-year-old truck driver was picking up a load to transport. When he exited his semi-truck, it began rolling forward. He attempted to stop his truck from moving by going to the front of his truck. The semi-truck continued to roll forward and crushed him between a truck and a stationary trailer.  Grand Rapids
40. 10/29/20 Field Supervisor/Operating Engineer 51 Struck by On Oct. 22, a 51-year-old field supervisor/operating engineer was operating a broom tractor on a public roadway when struck by a passenger vehicle. The employer was informed the employee passed away on Oct. 29, 2020. Macomb
41. 11/01/20 Farm Hand 41 Struck by A 41-year-old farm hand was at work for the day feeding calves and was found caught in the barn ventilation curtain unresponsive.  Emergency services were contacted, the employee was brought to the hospital, and pronounced deceased. Middleton
42. and 43. 11/07/20 Laborers 23 & 23 Struck by During a road construction operation while working in a lane closure, two 23-year-old laborers were installing epoxy and dowel bars when a vehicle drove through five open patches killing the two laborers. Romulus
44. 08/26/20 Roofer 51 Fall (from elevation) On June 29, a 51-year-old roofer fell from a third story roof. He passed away on Aug. 26. MIOSHA was informed of this fatality on Nov. 11, 2020. Detroit
45. 11/07/20 Mechanic 22 Struck by A 22-year-old mechanic was walking across the firm’s parking lot to pull in a truck for servicing. There was a semi-truck driver in the process of attaching two pup trailers to his semi-truck located in the parking lot area. The mechanic entered in between the stationary pup trailer and the reversing semi-truck. The mechanic was crushed by the hitch mount between the two pup trailers. Peck
46. 11/10/20 Trimmer 42 Struck by During a mold change, the top portion of a 2-piece mold broke off a machine and fell to the floor crushing a 42-year-old trimmer.  Romeo
47. 07/08/20 Trash Hauling Truck Loader 36 Other On July 6, at approximately 6:15 a.m., a 36-year-old worker began loading plastic and paper yard waste bags into the back of a trash hauling truck in a residential neighborhood. Around 3:30 p.m., the victim was transported to a hospital after experiencing dehydration symptoms. On July 8, the employer was notified that the victim was deceased. Wayne
48. 11/21/20 Roofer 45 Fall (from elevation) On Nov. 16, the victim was laying felt paper on a barn roof when he lost his balance and fell approximately 15 feet. The victim was hospitalized for his injuries and later passed away on Nov. 21, 2020. Saline
49. 10/01/20 Staff Forester 72 Struck by A 72-year-old staff forester stopped at a contractor’s garage to drop off a map. Nobody was at the garage, so he left the map on the driver seat of the contractor’s vehicle. Another contractor found the victim sometime later pinned between both vehicles. The contractor saw that the victim’s vehicle was running, so they put it in park, removed the victim, and called 911. Munising
50. 04/16/20 Program Manager 55 Other The employee was a 55-year-old program manager in a residential home for adult foster care. She was transported from home to the hospital on April 12, with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. She passed away in the hospital on April 16, 2020, due to COVID-19 pneumonia. Warren
51. 12/15/20 Mental Health Professional 59 Other The deceased was a 59-year-old mental health professional who provided services for inmates in a correctional facility. Her last day at work was Nov. 19 and she developed COVID-19 symptoms on Nov. 20. She was later admitted to the hospital and passed away on Dec. 15, 2020. St. Louis
52. 12/15/20 General Laborer 53 Fall (from elevation) and
A 53-year-old general laborer was crawling up a discharge chute and fell down a vertical chute into a pulp press. Bay City
53. 04/30/20 Hemodialysis Assistant 61 Other A 61-year-old hemodialysis assistant cleaned and serviced hemodialysis machines at a local hospital. The machines were used in all areas of the hospital, including COVID-19 floors. He contracted COVID-19 and spent a month in the hospital before passing away on April 30, 2020. Royal Oak
54. 12/12/20 City Manager 69 Other Four employees that worked the Nov. 3rd general election at City Hall tested positive for COVID-19. The 69-year-old City Manager tested positive on Nov. 13 and passed on Dec. 12, 2020, from symptoms consistent with that of COVID-19.  New Buffalo
55. 12/30/20 Laborer 41 Caught in or between A 41-year-old laborer was repairing a water main in an excavation when a portion of the wall broke away trapping the laborer and causing a pump to fail filling the excavation with water. Eastpointe
56. 04/13/20 Staffing Coordinator 43 Other The 43-year-old staffing coordinator was primarily responsible for staff scheduling. When necessary the employee would fill in at the nurses station, stock supplies, and change out resident oxygen tubes. The employee's last day of work was March 20, she called in sick on March 23, and tested positive for COVID-19 on March 29. The employee died on April 13, 2020, due to complications associated with COVID-19 pneumonia. Livonia
57. 10/12/20 Fire Fighter 68 Other A 68-year-old fire fighter tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized on Oct. 3. He was placed on a ventilator on Oct. 10.  On Oct. 12, the employee was transferred to an area hospital and while being moved, passed away. The employee was the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the department and others have been identified since then through contact tracing. Big Rapids
58. 10/29/20 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 52 Other The victim was a 52-year-old certified nursing assistant (CNA) and provided screening services and patient care. The victim was exposed to patients with COVID-19. The victim contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 21. The victim passed away due to complications from COVID-19 on Oct. 29, 2020. Grand Blanc
59. 11/21/20 Occupational Therapist 68 Other A 68-year-old occupational therapist worked with a patient the week of Oct. 12, who later tested positive for the Coronavirus. The employee’s last day of work was Oct. 16, and he became ill the following day with symptoms consistent with that of COVID-19. He later tested positive on Oct. 20, was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 23, and passed away on Nov. 21, 2020. Marshall
60. 10/17/20 Truck Driver 56 Fall (same level) A 56-year-old truck driver backed up to a piler with a truck full of sugar beets. He went to the back of the truck and climbed onto the piler to release the tailgate. The truck driver fell into the tail pulley of the cross conveyor causing fatal injuries. Kinde
61. 11/19/20 Mechanic 60 Fall (same level)

On Nov. 18, a coworker observed the 60-year-old mechanic walking out the back of the building. An hour later, the mechanic came back into the shop. The mechanic told his coworker that he fell or passed out, hurt his head, found himself in his truck and did not know how he got there. That evening the mechanic was taken to the hospital where he passed away on Nov. 19, 2020. The death certificate stated that the mechanic reportedly fell at work and the cause of death was a head injury.

62. 08/06/20 Inspector 71 Bite, sting or scratch While inspecting city property for blight issues, a 71-year-old inspector was stung multiple times. He self-administered an epinephrine pen. When medical personnel arrived on scene, he was transported to a local hospital where he passed. The Medical Examiner's report concluded that the inspector experienced arrhythmia and died from anaphylactic shock. Dearborn
63. 05/15/20 Radiology Clerical Assistant 61 Other

A 61-year-old clerical assistant greeted patients and collected their medical information when they came to the radiology department. She tested positive for coronavirus on April 15. She was later admitted to the hospital and passed away due to COVID-19 on May 15, 2020.

64. 12/18/20 Information Technology (IT) 60 Other

The 60-year-old employee worked in the IT department at a local hospital. The department had several employees that were COVID-19 positive and the deceased was included as part of the hospital’s contact tracing investigation. The employee began experiencing symptoms on Nov. 26-27 and tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 28. He was admitted to the emergency department/ICU on Dec. 2, with shortness of breath and experienced other health complications while in the hospital. The employee remained hospitalized until his passing on Dec. 18, 2020.

65. 04/08/20 Fire Captain 58 Other On March 22, a fire fighting engine company went on a medical run where they were exposed to a COVID-19 positive patient. The department then placed their staff in quarantine and had their staff tested. On April 5, 2020, multiple COVID-19 positive tests came back and employees were showing symptoms. The 58-year-old fire captain tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized on April 6 or 7, 2020, and died on April 8, 2020. The cause of death listed on the death certificate was COVID-19. Detroit
66. 09/02/20 Officer 50 Struck by

A 50-year-old officer was assaulted by an inmate and died during treatment at the hospital on Sept. 2, 2020.

67. 12/23/20 Financial Coordinator 57 Other On Nov. 19, a 57-year-old financial coordinator was notified of a positive COVID-19 test result and went home. Two days later the victim went to the emergency room and was given oxygen and sent home. On Nov. 27, the victim went back to the hospital and then passed away on Dec. 23, 2020. Sault St. Marie
68. 12/13/20 Production Manager 54 Other A 54-year old production manager was exposed to a colleague that was experiencing symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19. The victim went to get tested on Nov. 17, even though he was not experiencing any symptoms. The victim's test results came back positive on Nov. 18. The employer had six other employees test positive during this time. The victim went home to quarantine. Earlier in the year, the victim had a kidney transplant. As a result of this, the victim was requested to come to the hospital to have his oxygen levels checked. At that time, the victim was admitted to the hospital and passed away on Dec. 13, 2020. Grand Rapids
69. 12/20/20 Fire Chief 82 Other In late November 2020, an 82-year-old fire chief and four other department personnel within the span of five days became ill with COVID-like symptoms after attending and working the same functions. All five department staff ended up testing positive for COVID-19, and the fire chief was later admitted to the hospital where he passed away due to COVID-19 and superimposed bacterial pneumonia. Rothbury
70. 12/27/20 Certified Nursing Assistant 65 Other On Dec. 12, a 65-year-old certified nursing assistant was providing care to residents and tested positive while undergoing routine bi-weekly COVID-19 testing. The employee, who was asymptomatic, began an in-home quarantine the same day. On Dec. 21, she began experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms and continued to quarantine. On Dec. 27, 2020, she was discovered lying on the floor of her home and while en route to the hospital, the employee sustained a stroke and died the same day. East Lansing
71. 12/21/20 Service Technician 62 Fall

On Dec. 21, a 62-year-old service technician fell approximately 15 feet through an outdoor roof and soffit onto the pavement below. The employee was transported to a nearby hospital where he was placed on life support systems and later died from his injuries. 

West Bloomfield Township
72. 08/07/20 Behavioral Health Associate 72 Struck against On June 22, a 72-year-old behavioral health associate was intervening in an altercation when he was shoved/pushed and fell to the ground where he struck his head. He later passed away due to his injury on Aug. 7, 2020. Detroit
73. 12/03/20 Care Partner 76 Other

The 76-year-old care partner tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 13, was hospitalized on Nov. 19, and passed away on Dec. 3, 2020. The employee provided adult foster care to residents of an assisted living center and her last day of work was Oct. 31, 2020.

Grand Rapids

There were 39 MIOSHA-related deaths in 2019. 2009 saw the lowest number with 24. 

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