What kind of License do I need?

There are three levels of Occupational Licenses:

         LEVEL One: The level One License is the highest level of an Occupational License and usually includes all managers, supervisors, and other key employees. People included in this category have the authority to develop or administer policy, long-range plans, or to make discretionary decisions regulating gaming operations; and for individuals responsible for major sections within the casino or its property.


         Level Two: This license level is associated with casino employees who operate or maintain casino games, who come in contact with gaming money, chips, tokens, credit slips, functions as a dealer, or in a limited supervisory capacity as outlined within the Michigan Gaming Control & Revenue Act.


         Level Three: Individuals associated with this level of license are casino employees who work in an area where gaming is conducted, or in areas that directly affects gambling, but do not conduct the games or come in contact with gaming money, chips, tokens, credit slips, etc.


Depending on the type of business of a supplier, what kind of goods or services will be provided, and the amount of business to be conducted with the Detroit Casinos, the type of license or exemption from licensure will vary. Please use the Licensing Determination Flowchart to assist in determining the type of license or exemption necessary.