Latest News on Driver Responsibility Fee Changes

  • ELIMINATING Driver Responsibility Fees

    A recent amendment to the Driver Responsibility Law (2003) ELIMINATES the Driver Responsibility Fee Law and associated fees ON October 1, 2018.

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    Individuals who did not enter into a payment plan on or before February 1, 2018 are still responsible for their Driver Responsibility Fees until October 1, 2018. All Driver Responsibility Fees will be eliminated ON October 1, 2018.*



    NEW  For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding ELIMINATING the Driver Responsibility Fee (DRF).


    Are you looking for options to regain your driving privileges that were suspended due to a Driver Responsibility Fee BEFORE October 1, 2018?

    Payment plan and workforce development training options are available.

  • Payment Plan Option

    The Michigan Department of Treasury may enter into an installment agreement with a driver who has been assessed Driver Responsibility Fees. Installment agreements are allowed for payment of fees in 24 months or less to avoid suspension of your license. If you have a suspended license, you may request a reinstatement of your driver’s license if there are no additional offenses outstanding against your license. You can contact the Michigan Department of Treasury for installment agreement options at 800-950-6227. Additional information and instruction on how to apply for an installment agreement is available on our How To Pay page.


    Failure to make installment agreement payments may result in further actions against your driver’s license.

  • Workforce Development Program Option

    Only individuals with Driver Responsibility Fees due to the following offenses have the opportunity to participate in the Workforce Development Program:

    • Allowed A Suspended/Revoked Person to Operate (1341)
    • Allowed A Suspended/Revoked Person to Operate Causing Serious Injury (1342)
    • Allowed A Suspended/Revoked Person to Operate Causing Death (1343)
    • Drove While Unlicensed or License Not Valid (3010)
    • Drove while License Suspended/Revoked/Denied (3011)
    • Drove w/o Proper License/Endorsement/Vehicle Group Designator (3020)
    • No proof of Insurance (3100)
    • No Insurance (3106)
    • No Insurance Under The Insurance Code (3108)
    • Drove While License Suspended/Revoked/Denied (DWLS) (3200)
    • Drove While License Expired (3220)
    • Drove Commercial Motor Vehicle While Disqualified (3230)
    • DWLS Causing Death (3235)
    • DWLS Causing Serious Injury (3245)
    • Immobilization – Violations (9130)

    Michigan Department of Treasury and Michigan Secretary of State are partnering with local workforce development agencies to eliminate qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees before October 1, 2018 for individuals who participate in a workforce development training program.

    Individuals with qualifying offenses who are already participating in existing programs have been identified in order to eliminate their qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees and will be notified by mail throughout the month of May.

    There are a number of programs available to the public to eliminate qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees and local workforce development agencies will assist individuals with enrollment.

    If you have a qualifying offense resulting in a Driver Responsibility Fee and you are interested in participating in at least 10 hours of workforce development training instead of making payment before October 1, 2018, please complete the Intent of Participation for Workforce Development Program (Driver Responsibility Fee Waiver) (Form 5593) and submit to Michigan Department of Treasury.

    Michigan Works!, in coordination with Michigan Department of Treasury, is also pleased to offer a new 10-hour workforce development program for individuals to eliminate their qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees.


    Important note: Your qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees are eliminated provided you complete the following tasks within 45 days from the date you submit the Form 5593:

    Individuals have one (1) attempt to complete a workforce development program to have their qualifying Driver Responsibility Fees eliminated.


  • Important Information Regarding Your Driver's License*

    If your license is suspended for offenses other than Driver Responsibility Fees, such as failure to appear in court or driving on a suspended license, among others, you must resolve those matters before your license can be reinstated.

    Reinstatement fees will be waived through December 31, 2018. Beginning January 1, 2019, reinstatement fees will be required from Michigan Secretary of State.

    Eligible drivers can contact Michigan Secretary of State for additional information regarding reinstating driving privileges at 888-767-6424.

  • Contact Us

    The Michigan Department of Treasury Office of Collections can be reached at 1-800-950-6227. Periodically the Michigan Department of Treasury experiences extremely high call volumes, which may result in lengthy wait time. For your convenience, the Michigan Department of Treasury, Driver Responsibility Fee Information Line has extended hours of:

    Monday – Thursday:
    8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    8:00 AM – 12:00 PM