MILogin is the state of Michigan Identity Management solution that allows users the ability to access many state services and systems online, across multiple departments, using a single user ID and password. 


MILOGIN for Citizens and MILOGIN for Third Party

The MILogin capabilities are available for individuals and businesses through two separate portals – MILogin for Citizens and MILogin for Third Parties.

Which one you should use?

If you are an individual or Michigan resident, and applying for state unemployment benefits, accessing Department of Health and Human Services MI Bridges application, renewing your vehicle registration with the Secretary of State, or purchasing DNR fishing or hunting licenses, you will be using MILogin for Citizens portal (, where you may be redirected to from the actual state system you were trying to access.

If you represent a business, or an organization, and are accessing one of hundreds state services available to Michigan businesses, you will be directed to use MILogin for Third Parties (



Both MILogin Portals support self-registration, meaning you don’t need anyone’s assistance to create your secure account.

There are also extensive self-service capabilities, to help you with things like online password resets or profile updates.

In order to leverage these capabilities, you are encouraged to provide your accurate contact information, such as your email address or contact phone number, during the registration process.



When accessing certain applications that transmit sensitive information, you may be required to undergo additional identity verification steps online or provide an additional authorization code, similar to what online banking services require.

These features are also available by leveraging your contact information provided during the registration process or supplied as part of your MILogin profile update activities.

Many Michigan applications will provide immediate access when your MILogin account is created. Please be aware that certain applications require an additional step before your access is granted– this is especially common with the MILogin for Third Parties.


Concerns with duplicate MILOGIN ACCOUNTS

Please avoid creating multiple MILogin accounts.

Your MILogin account will be most likely linked to a specific state service when it’s first established, creating another account will break that link.

It is easy to reset your forgotten MILogin password if you followed appropriate registration steps and provided your contact information.

If you’ve misplaced or forgotten your MILogin ID, and you provided your email information during the initial registration, you can always locate it using MILogin self-service features.




Forgot Your Password

You can use "Forgot your password?" link on the MILogin Home page to initiate the password reset. You will be asked to provide your current User ID, select a security option to verify your identity and enter a new password to reset the forgotten password.

Forgot Your User ID

You can use "Forgot your User ID?" link on the MILogin Home page to retrieve your User ID. You will be asked to provide your email information and answer validation questions to retrieve the User ID.

Account Locked

If your MILogin account has been locked, it will automatically be unlocked after 30 minutes.

Contact Us

In the event you are still having problems logging in, please contact the appropriate agency help desk for the application or online service you are trying to access.

That contact information will be available on the application webpage. When speaking to the customer support person, please indicate you are having an issue with your MILogin account access.


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