Michigan Law Enforcement Memorial Takes Giant Steps in 2017

Contact: Caleb Buhs, buhsc@michigan.gov, 517-303-4038
Agency: Technology, Management & Budget

The Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund had a productive 2017. Increased support from law enforcement organizations, a $100,000 pledge from Delta Dental of Michigan and a $5,000 pledge from AT&T Michigan helped yield the best fundraising year since 2009. Including money obtained from a two-to-one matching fund grant, contributions totaled more than $183,000. 

In addition to record fundraising, the commission approved monument design modifications that will reduce construction costs by more than a million dollars.

With a goal of raising at least $1.9 million to construct and provide ongoing maintenance for a monument to honor Michigan’s fallen law enforcement officers the fund is now just $375,000 short of its total fundraising goal.

 “As 2017 is now behind us, we want to thank those who have donated their time and money to this important cause,” said John Szczubelek, assistant attorney general and chairperson of the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Commission. “We remain committed to honoring Michigan’s fallen heroes. Donations received last year have brought us much closer to that goal.”

The commission asks residents and businesses to consider donating to support the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument. Tax deductible donations can be made online by visiting https://www.michigan.gov/mleom.   

The Michigan Legislature created the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Commission 12 years ago for the purpose of funding, constructing, and maintaining a permanent memorial monument to honor the nearly 600 Michigan law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.