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To foster a statewide culture where employees are engaged, empowered and recognized for their contributions, the Office of Good Government has surveyed all 45,000 employees on a regular basis. The 2012 survey provided a baseline for which future progress could be assessed. The 2013 survey allowed us to see what impact action plans were having on employee engagement; and the 2015 survey provided evidence that together we are positively changing the culture in the State of Michigan. In 2017, we saw a breakthrough in the level of improvement in overall employee engagement as evidenced by the survey results. And in 2018, we're sustaining the momentum, and, more than ever, results show there is wide-spread engagement at the non-manager level.

Research shows that improved engagement leads to better performance, higher citizen satisfaction, and more trust in government. The State of Michigan is a recognized leader in employee engagement and was awarded the Employee Engagement Award for the government sector at the 2018 North American Employee Engagement Conference.

  • Every agency in the executive branch of state government exceeded the public sector engagement score of 58 percent. The public sector score measures state, local, and federal government engagement scores across the United States.

  • 53 percent of employees (compared to 40 percent in 2012) can be described as “Champions.” A “Champion” is an employee who has a high level of engagement, is likely to keep working for the state, and is loyal to the organization

  • Since 2012, the percentage of engaged employees has increased in each agency>

  • 13 out of 20 agencies (compared to 3 out of 20 in 2012) have an 80 percent or higher employee engagement percentage

  • 69 percent of employees (compared to 53 percent in 2012) would recommend the state of Michigan to friends and family as a great place to work

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