DTMB Director Visits Davison Elementary-Middle School 'Techno Dragons'

Contact: Lauren Leeds, 517-335-3783
Agency: Technology, Management & Budget

March 20, 2015

DETROIT, Mich. —
Students in Detroit’s Davison Elementary Middle School “Techno Dragons” group had a chance to meet with David Behen, director of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget Friday morning and show off their information technology skills.

“The Davison Techno Dragons are a remarkable group of young people,” Behen said. “Seeing them in action today was truly inspirational. These students do an amazing job for their school and they’re building solid skills for their futures.”

According to group founder, Davison teacher LaDora Young, the Techno Dragons is a group of more than 20 students who are well educated in technology and operate, produce, design, repair and implement all of the components of technology in the school.

“We are so excited and honored to have Director Behen come and visit us at Davison Elementary Middle School,” Young said. “The tech team is business-ready, preparing for the future work force. They are the first line of defense in repairing, problem solving and installing computers and other tech equipment at Davison. They work hard to make sure they provide students and staff with quality work and excellent customer service. It's unique in the fact that we excel in customer service and technology. Many people know how to fix a computer problem, but providing good customer service is a rare quality.

Young, a Detroit native, has worked in the technology field for more than 10 years. She helps facilitate learning in Davison’s computer labs and uses technology to creatively improve student achievement.

Services provided by the Techno Dragons include: first-line tech support/customer service for the school; setup of equipment for school events and programs; videotaping of all school events and programs; post-production of videos, CDs and the school yearbook; prepare fliers and programs for events using graphic design skills; repair and install tech equipment; and teach kindergarten and first grade tech classes.

According to the school, students involved in the Techno Dragons are outstanding academic achievers and their GPAs range from 2.8 to 4.0. Some of their career aspirations include: computer software engineer, technology expert, surgeon, businesswoman, doctor, engineer, nurse, photographer, game designer and technology engineer.

The group was a featured guest of Gov. Rick Snyder at this year’s State of the State Address and extended an invitation for Behen to visit their school while meeting at that event.