Commercial Broadband, Cable TV, & Internet

Overview: Contracts to provide increased bandwidth, provide network diversity to remote sites, transition to current transport service technologies, reduce recurring costs, and increase agility in providing network services. 

Commercial broadband, cable TV & internet providers:

Vendor:  Charter Communications
Contract #:  071B2200066 
Contact:  Angelica Lopez-Hoag
Phone:  616-607-4382
Contract Expires: 12/8/2021

Vendor:  Comcast Business Comm, LLC
Contract #:  071B2200126 
Contact:  Beth Hubrecht
Phone:  248-228-5303
Contract Expires: 11/8/2021

Enterprise internet service providers:

Vendor:  CenturyLink Communications
Contract #:  071B5500029 
Contact:  Tim Briggs
Phone:  248-884-5869
Contact: Aimie Hunt
Phone:  616-226-1424
Contract Expires: 10/13/2024

Vendor:  Everstream Holding Company, LLC
Contract #: 071B5500026 
Contact:  Larry Williams
Phone:  616-268-1956
Contract Expires:  10/13/2024

Vendor:  Frontier Communications of America, Inc
Contract #: 071B5500028 
Contact:  Bill Ives
Phone:  517-315-7909
Contract Expires:  10/31/2023

Vendor:  Merit Network
Contract #:  071B5500025 
Contact:  Jameka Williams
Phone:  734-527-5761
Contract Expires:  10/31/2022

Telecommunication Services: System integrator wide area network enterprise internet service provider
Vendor:  AT&T
Contract #:
Contact:  Deb Guenther
Phone: 517-488-8301
Contract Expires:  10/13/2022