Membership Fees

MiDEAL is funded through member fees, and in some cases through contract administration fees.  Membership fees cover operating costs, staff time, web management etc.  

The current fee structure is a flat rate annual fee ranging from $180 to $510, depending on population or organization type.  The membership period for non-educational institutions is a calendar year (January-December), and the membership period for educational institutions is an academic year (July-June).


Population of 1-10,000 $180
Population of 10,001-50,000 $230
Population of 50,001-100,000 $270
Population of 100,001-150,000 $360
Population of 150,001-200,000 $435
Population of 200,001 and above $510
Colleges and Universities $270
School Districts $180
Non-profit hospitals  $180 
Other $180

For more information, contact us by email at or by phone at 517-388-4558

Once your entity receives an invoice from our staff,

payment can be made online at this site: