Defibrillators-Automated External (AED)

Medical Supplies - Statewide
Contract #:  071B7700158 
Vendor: J & B Medical Supply Co., Inc.
Contract Expires:  June 30, 2020

Customer Service/Ordering:

Chris Respondek Phone 800-737-0045 x 205
Direct Line 248-896-6211


Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Equipment and Related Services-U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance Contract-Statewide
Contract #:
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Vendor:  Safeware, Inc.
Contract Expires:  September 30, 2018
Contact Person:  Rick Bond
Quotes and Orders Contact:  John McLoughlin
Phone: 800-331-6707 x 1240
Fax:  866-764-6634

Defibrillators are available on the Safeware Inc. contract