Advertising Services

Creative and Media Advertising and Clearinghouse Services
Contract # 
Vendor: Brogan and Partners
Contract Expires: 4/30/20
Contact Person: Ellyn Davidson
To order, call 248-341-8211

General Advertising Services
Contract #  071B6600082 
Vendor: Simons-Michelson-Zieve, Inc. dba SMZ
Contract Expires: June 30, 2021

Contact Person: Jamie Michelson
Contact Number: 248-269-4345

Marketing and Advertising Services
Contract #  071B7700018

Vendor: Brogan & Partners Advertising Consultantancy Inc
Contract Expires: September 30, 2019

Contact Person: Ellyn Davidson
Contact Number: 248-341-8211

Creative Marketing and Advertising Services
Contract #  071B7700029

Vendor: Nove Communications, Inc. dba LKF Marketing
Contract Expires: October 30, 21

Contact Person: Sarah Morgan
Contact Number: 800-553-4553 x 164