Commercial Broadband, Cable TV, and Basic Internet

Commercial Broadband, Cable TV and Basic Internet Providers:
Contract #:  
Vendor:  Charter Communications
Contract Expires:  9/8/2021
Contact:  Angelica Lopez-Hoag
Phone:  616-607-4382

Contract #:  071B2200126 
Vendor:  Comcast Business Comm LLC
Contract Expires: 11/8/2021
Contact:  Beth Hubrecht
Phone:  248-228-5303

Enterprise Internet Service Providers
Contract #:  
Vendor:  Merit Network
Contract Expires:  10/31/2022
Contact:  Jameka Williams
Phone:  734-527-5761

Contract #: 071B5500026 
Vendor:  Everstream Holding Company LLC
Contract Expires:  10/13/2021
Contact:  Sara Murphy
Phone:  616-608-8944

Contract #: 071B5500028 
Vendor:  Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
Contract Expires:  10/13/2021
Contact:  Bill Ives
Phone:  517-315-7909

Contract #:  071B5500029 
Vendor:  CenturyLink Communications
Contract Expires: 10/31/2022
Contact:  Tim Briggs
Phone:  248-884-5869
Contact: Aimie Hunt
Phone:  616-226-1424

Telecommunication Services: System Integrator-Wide Area Network-Enterprise Internet Service Provider
Contract #:  
Vendor:  AT&T
Contract Expires:  10/13/2022
Contact:  Robert O'Brien
Phone: 248-701-8635