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Agency Participation

Tasks for Project SEARCH Interns

Below are several points you may wish to consider when identifying potential tasks for Project SEARCH interns:

  • Tasks for an intern should be systematic and complex.
  • Interns are given 10 weeks at each rotation to ensure they have enough repetition to master the set of necessary skills. The repetition, along with support, creates the opportunity to learn skills that are more complex in nature.
  • Skills learned should be marketable and transferrable.
  • Skills learned should be marketable and transferrable.
  • Tasks should help an intern to build work history and skills for jobs that exist within state government or the community.
  • Look at the needs of your department/division. Are there projects that are not being done due to lack of staff and/or resources?
  • As long as the task is systematic and complex and helps build skills that would be marketable and transferrable to other positions within state government, or to other jobs within the community, it would be worth considering for an intern.

Sample Day of a Project SEARCH Intern

7:50 - Arrival at host business site classroom

8:00 - Employability Skills curriculum

9:00 - Internships – learning competitive, marketable skills

11:30 - Lunch

12:00 - Internships (continued)

2:00 - Return to classroom, review of day, journaling

2:30 - Adjournment for the day