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Hire an Intern

The primary objective of the program is to secure competitive integrated employment for interns upon completion of the program. To that end, the State of Michigan supports the hire to a classified or unclassified position of those interns that have successfully completed the program; the following information is provided to assist work areas with that process: 

Upon successful completion of the Project SEARCH internship, the intern is eligible for hire into some permanent positions such as a General Office Assistant or Laborer. These types of positions are typically full time, working 40 hours per week and offering full benefits. After consulting with other Michigan Project SEARCH Program administrators, we learned it may not be realistic to expect all interns to transition from the Project SEARCH internship to a full-time 40 hour per week job. Therefore, we created the new Project SEARCH Worker classification which is a non-career, part time, no-benefits classification that provides the intern a transition period from a Project SEARCH intern to potentially a full-time career position in the future.  

The process to hire a Project SEARCH intern is the same that is used to fill any other position. The typical steps to fill positions include:  

  1. Develop a Position Description identifying the duties that will be completed.   
  2. Send a request seeking approval to fill a permanent classified or Project SEARCH Worker non-career position.   
  3. If approval is received, submit the Position Description to HR to have the position established. 
  4. Develop interview questions, screening and selection criteria. 
  5. Advertise/post the position. 
  6. Interview and write a recommendation memo for the preferred candidate. 
  7. When approval is received, extend conditional offer of employment. 
  8. Drug test is completed. 
  9. Please contact your Office of Human Resources with any questions regarding your department’s hire process.  

Be assured there are many resources available to provide continued support, as necessary, to both the work site and the intern after hire.