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Who Are We?

Mission of CEWF

Energize, promote, and coordinate a robust community working together to advance an ecosystem of cybersecurity education, workforce development, and protection by developing and advocating for best practices and resources. 

The Situation Before CEWF

In 2020, the cybersecurity industry was at a crossroads. News-worthy cyber attacks on local public entities, such as the one on the City of Baltimore in 2019, as well as hacks of businesses and financial institutions were happening every day. As these attacks grow bolder every day, it's clear that cybersecurity will take a more prominent role in all areas of life.

Unfortunately, the cybersecurity industry was already facing a shortage of skilled professionals at all levels. While there were indications that Michigan high school and college students were interested in pursuing opportunities in cybersecurity, almost no programs were available to introduce this field to students. As a cyber leader in the nation, leadership at the State of Michigan decided to take action.

The Foundation of CEWF

In late 2020, the state of Michigan's Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB) applied for and was awarded a grant to work with the National Governors Association (NGA) to develop a program to build out and enhance cybersecurity.

DTMB's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection (CIP) division wanted the program to be a partnership with educational and cybersecurity leaders across the state. That's why DTMB and CIP formed a cross-agency team with Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity (LEO) and LEO's MiSTEM project, and METL and Cyber Patriots to organize a multi-day workshop.

The workshop gathered experts in cybersecurity as well as education who desired to implement a cybersecurity curriculum program in their schools and protect schools. Together, they reviewed a proposed framework to implement this program that addressed the nationwide cybersecurity talent shortage and on-going cybersecurity threats to schools.

Our Framework Foundations

View the developed framework

Launch of CEWF

In early 2021, the results of the NGA Cyber Workshop were formalized into the Cybersecurity Education & Workforce Framework (CEWF)?. This team is ready to help Michigan K-12 schools create and implement a robust cybersecurity program that will secure schools, advance cyber curriculum, and develop the next generation of cyber leaders by providing resources and guidance.