Regulatory Reinvention

The purpose of this Web page is to provide up-to-date information on the DEQ's progress in addressing the recommendations contained in the Office of Regulatory Reinvention's (ORR) Final Report dated December 23, 2011. Please send any questions or comments to Dave Fiedler, Regulatory Affairs Officer, at or call 517-284-6705.

Regulatory Reinvention within the DEQ

When Governor Snyder last year called on his newly-created Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to take a hard look at Michigan's regulatory structure, it started a statewide conversation between regulators and stakeholders.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) was among the top agencies responding to the call for a regulatory reform. Snyder's Executive Order 2011-5 created a 12-member Environmental Advisory Rules Committee, composed of manufacturing representatives, utility representatives, environmental consultants and attorneys, a representative from the environmental community, and the DEQ's Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs.

Progress Reports
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ORR Recommendations Pie Chart
Rescinded DEQ Rules
(since April 25, 2011 - Office of Regulatory Reinvention Startup date)
6 0 4