Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) Program

  • UPDATE:  The fifth round of SAW grants were awarded in October 2017.  For fiscal year 2018, $62 million was appropriated for SAW award.  The link includes a list of successful SAW applicants, in funding order, per the lottery process.  As additional funding becomes available, projects will be funded in the order as listed. 
    SAW Funding
  • As of March 21, 2014, no new SAW grant or loan applications have been accepted as the amount of approved applications exceed the $450M available in the SAW program.
  • Section 603 of Public Act 84 of 2015, established a new grant condition for SAW Asset Management Plan (AMP) recipients.  All SAW AMP grant recipients must submit a summary of the AMP, which includes identification of the major assets of the plan, AND a copy of the AMP must be made available to the public for at least 15 years.  The summary of the AMP must be submitted with the Wastewater or Stormwater AMP Certification of Project Completeness once the grant activities are completed.  This new grant condition only applies if you accept the SAW grant.  If you wish to decline your SAW AMP grant, please contact your project manager.  Please refer to this memo for additional information.

As of September 30, 2017, the AMPs listed on this report have been completed using SAW grant funds.

SAW Section 603 Report: Round 3
SAW Section 603 Report: Round 2
SAW Section 603 Report: Round 1


List of SAW Applications Received

SAW Grant Funding Distribution by County
     SAW Grant Funding Total 11-09-17
     SAW AMP Grants Awarded 11-14-17
     SAW Grant Applications
     SAW Grant Funding Round 1    
     SAW Grant Funding Round 2    
     SAW Grant Funding Round 3
    SAW Grant Funding Round 4
     SAW Grant Funding Round 5


     Laws & Regulations

SAW Construction Fact Sheets
     Charter Township of Royal Oak SAW Grant Project No. 1345-01

     City of Pinconning SAW Grant Project No. 1028-01
     Village of Martin SAW Grant Project No. 1200-01
    Village of Lawton SAW Grant Project No. 1320-01
    Ishpeming Area Joint Wastewater Treatment Authority SAW Grant Project No. 1362-01