• Water Use Advisory Council

    The Water Use Advisory Council is established under Part 328 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to study and make recommmendations to the Quality of Life (QOL) agencies (EGLE, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) on Michigan's Water Use Program, which includes the following major elements: the Great Lakes Compact; water withdrawal regulations; and water use conflict.  The Council provides a forum for discussion of the following broad areas that were identified by previous councils, stakeholder groups, and QOL staff:

    • Water conservation and efficiency goals, objectives and voluntary measures
    • Technical underpinnings of the process, tools, data, assumptions and decision end-points used to determine whether proposed water withdrawals can be authorized
    • Technical and compliance assistance
    • Methods and tools to assist water users in resolving and preventing conflicts
    • Environmental monitoring to identify and help reconcile potential discrepancies between the program's decision making and data management protocols and the real world impacts of withdrawals
    • New and emerging water use categories
    • Outcomes and metrics for determining the program success


    Water Use Advisory Council meetings are open to the public


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