Air Permitting - Potential to Emit

Contact: Clean Air Assistance Program, 800-662-9278
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

The applicability of some air quality requirements is based upon a facility's Potential to Emit (PTE) air pollutants. The greater your PTE, the more likely you are subject to the regulations. The links below provide information on how to calculate potential to emit.

Potential to Emit Workbook

A Practical Guide to Calculating and Evaluating Your Potential to Emit Air Contaminants

This workbook will help you understand why determining PTE is important and take you step by step through calculating your facility's PTE. It will also help you evaluate your PTE to determine if you are a major or minor source of air pollution and which options will best lead you to compliance with the regulations.

PTE Calculation Worksheets

USEPA Guidance

Other Guidance


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