Michigan Geology Maps

Nothing is better for helping to explain geology than a geologic map.  Select from the links below to see a variety of Michigan geologic maps. 

Quaternary Geology of Michigan, W. R. Farrand, 1982.  Also call "Glacial' or "Surficial" by some geologists.  This map shows what is fond at the surface.  Access this file using the following link:


Bedrock Geology Map, Colored map of the aerial extent of geologic formations.  This shows the patter of the bedrock that is under the glacial sands, gravels and clays that blanket Michigan.  Access this file using the following link:


Geologic Cross Section and Generalized bedrock Geology Map.  Access this file using the following link:


Oil and Gas Map, A map showing the distribution of Oil & Gas wells in the state.  Access thi file using the following link:


Michigan Coal Reserves, J. Kalliokoski, E. J. Welch, 1976, Coal, Southern Peninsula, geologic maps.  Access this file using the following link:


Many more reference materials are available as part of the Digital Geology Library.  Access the full catalog using the following link:

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