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Air Quality Division Year in Review 2020

AQD Year in Review 2020 Report Cover

EGLE's mission is to protect Michigan's environment and public health by managing air, water, land, and energy resources. The Air Quality Division values our work, our mission, and the diverse ways we engage with our many stakeholders. With 2020 being a year like no other in recent memory, we wondered how we would be affected. We rose to the challenge before us and put protection of the state's air resources first. Day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month, we adapted our work and made changes to support our mission. We saw many changes as our staff began working from home, many for the first time. Technology and our reliance on it became critically important as we learned new ways to connect with our stakeholders and each other. We continued our tradition of finding creative solutions to the challenges we faced, from establishment of a remote compliance process to hosting virtual public meetings.

While things looked different in so many ways, air quality and the protection of our Michigan residents, stayed at the forefront of our minds. Work continued to move forward with necessary inspections, air permit reviews, air emission testing and monitoring, and all the other various ways our work supports one of our state's most important resources: our air.

We are pleased to provide you with our 2020 Air Quality Division Year in Review.

Required by Act 451 Section 5522 (9) of Part 55 Detailing Air Quality Program Activities

EGLE submits a year-end report to the Governor and legislature in March. The report provides information about Title V and non-Title V enforcement, compliance, and permitting activities. Revenue information from fees, federal funds, and general fund appropriations is also included.

Reports which are published for public review can be accessed from our home page and scrolling down to the Annual Air Quality Reports heading under the "Monitoring" tab.