Environmental Permit Review Commission

  • The Environmental Permit Review Commission (EPRC) was created by Public Act 268 of 2018, to advise the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy’s (EGLE) Director on disputes related to permits and permit applications.  The EPRC consists of 15 individuals appointed by the Governor.  The EPRC may advise the EGLE Director on any permit or operating license issued by EGLE under the Natural Resources Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended (NREPA) or the rules promulgated under NREPA.

    Petition for Permit Application Review

    If a permit applicant has a dispute with EGLE while their permit application is pending, the applicant may complete an Environmental Permit Review Commission Petition for Permit Application Review.  The petition will be reviewed by the Director.  If the Director believes the dispute cannot be resolved informally, the Director will convene a three-person panel selected from the EPRC. The Permit Application Review Panel conducts a meeting with the applicant and EGLE to hear the issues in dispute, the relevant facts, and any data, analysis, opinion, and supporting documentation provided. After hearing the issues in dispute, the Permit Application Review Panel issues a recommendation to the Director and applicant. After reviewing the Panel’s recommendations, the Director issues a written decision that either agrees or disagrees with the Panel's recommendations.

    Petition for Review of a Final Decision of a Contested Case

    Within 21 days after an administrative law judge (ALJ) issues a Final Decision and Order regarding a permit, any party may complete an Environmental Permit Review Commission Petition for Review of a Final Decision of a Contested Case to seek a review of the ALJ’s Final Decision and Order by a three-person panel selected from the EPRC. The Contested Case Review Panel conducts meetings with information limited to the record established by the ALJ and the Panel could adopt, remand, modify, or reverse, in whole or in part, a Final Decision and Order.

    If you wish to complete a paper version of these forms, please email the request to EGLE-PermitAppeal@Michigan.gov and it will be sent to you.


    The next EPRC meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 13, 2021.


    The next EPRC panel meeting is scheduled to review the Final Decision of a Contested Case in the Matter of the Petition Dr. Taite Anderson and Dr. Lindsey Anderson - Docket No. 18-018938.  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the meeting will be held electronically, per Resolution #2021-081 by the City Council of the City of Lansing.  To attend the virtual public meeting, click on the Microsoft Teams Meeting link below.  If you do not have internet access or would like to participate via telephone, please call the toll number below and enter the conference ID.

    • Date and Time:  Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.
    • Location/Format: Microsoft Teams Meeting
    • Telephone: 248-509-0316 (toll)
    • Conference ID: 971 804 686#