Environmental Lead (Pb)

  • "Childhood lead poisoning continues to be a significant health problem for too many of Michigan's children. The good news is that childhood lead poisoning is preventable. Lead paint hazards continue to pose a threat to the health of Michigan's children due to a significant amount of pre-1950 housing stock, which often is deteriorating. Lead poisoning can cause permanent and irreversible damage. Consequences of lead poisoning includes damage to the eyes and ears, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, loss of IQ, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and in rare circumstances coma and even death. A childhood history of lead poisoning may result in a loss of potential later in life as it relates to education, employment, and overall health in adulthood." - Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control Legislative Commission Report 2009 (March 30, 2010). The goal is to eliminate lead poisoning in Michigan's children through a comprehensive plan outlined in a June 2007 Commission report to the Michigan legislature, and through a wide range of important lead abatement initiatives statewide.

    This webpage highlights DEQ lead abatement initiatives, lead information materials, and other important lead webpage links.