Mercury Legislation

Listed below are informative links about legislation on Mercury from Michigan and other surrounding states. Some of which includes information on Dental Mercury Amalgam Separators, Mercury Thermometer Ban and the phasing out of Mercury in Schools.

Dental Mercury Amalgam Separators
Public Act 503 of 2008 (formerly HB 6307 of 2008) requires that on or before December 31, 2013, dentists shall install or have installed and use on each wastewater drain in the dentist's office that is used to discharge dental amalgam, a separator that has an efficiency of 95% or greater as determined through testing in accordance with standards published by the international organization for standardization in ISO 11143.

Mercury-free State Purchasing
Public Act 193 of 2008: Public Act 193 of 2008 (formerly Senate Bill 412 of 2008) effective immediately ... the department and all state agencies shall, whenever possible, avoid purchasing products containing mercury or mercury compounds if products that do not contain mercury or mercury compounds are available and those products are cost effective as determined by the department.

Mercury phase out in Schools
Public Act 376 of 2000: According to Public Act 376 of 2000 (Enrolled Senate Bill 1262), Michigan's public and private K-12 schools were required to phase out and eliminate mercury use in the classroom and in the health (nurse's) office. This law applies to liquid (free flowing) Hg(0), as well as, mercury-containing instruments such as thermometers, barometers, manometers, and sphygmomanometers (blood pressure gauges). K-12 schools had until December 31, 2004, to complete this process.

In addition, MDEQ developed a series of step by step instructions for completing this process titled "Mercury Elimination Guidelines for Schools".

Hg Thermometer Sales Ban
Public Act 578 of 2002: Public Act 578 of 2002 (Enrolled House Bill 4599) requires that beginning on January 1, 2003, a person shall not sell, offer for sale, or offer for promotional purposes a mercury thermometer in this state or for use in this state.

Hg Thermostat Sales Ban
Public Act 492 of 2006: Public Act 492 of 2006 (formerly Senate Bill 124) bans the sale of thermostats that contain Hg(0) or a mercury compound beginning January 1, 2009.

Hg Blood Pressure Device Sales/Use Ban
Public Act 493 of 2006: Public Act 493 of 2006 (formerly Senate Bill 123) prohibits the sale of mercury-added blood pressure devices by January 1, 2008 and their 'use' by January 1, 2009, but for two exceptions; in home use and calibration of mercury-free devices in health care facilities, if deemed warranted.

Hg-containing Medical Device(s) Sales Ban 
Public Act 494 of 2006: Public Act 494 of 2006 (formerly Senate Bill 186) bans the sale of esophageal dilators, bougie tubes and gastrointestinal tubes that contain mercury or mercury-compounds beginning January 1, 2009.

Other States Legislation

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Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC) Legislation

Mercury Model Legislation 

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