SARA Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:

"The SARA Title III program is committed to efficiently and effectively overseeing data collection and quality assurance of environmental information transmitted to the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy pursuant to reporting requirements set forth in the federal Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (42 U.S.C. 11001 et seq.).  This includes providing support to the Michigan Citizen Emergency Response Coordinating Council (Michigan's State Emergency Response Commission) on coordination of hazardous materials enforcement, response, and planning in the state of Michigan."



  1. Maintain primary contact with the over 7000 facilities required to report under SARA Title III. This includes processing the reports and providing assistance regarding the reports to facilities as needed.
  2. Maintain databases pursuant to sections 302, 304, 311, and 312. This includes the development and maintenance of software for facilities to submit their annual hazardous chemical inventory reports electronically.
  3. Maintain current knowledge of the regulations promulgated pursuant to SARA Title III. Provide training as requested, hold annual workshops, provide current information to the reporting community regarding their reporting responsibilities, and answer questions pertaining to the program and regulations.
  4. Maintain a database of the approximately 3000 facilities reporting under Section 302 of SARA Title III, and make an updated list available to the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs).
  5. As required by SARA Title III, and according to established procedures, receive and process requests from the public for information under Section 324 of SARA Title III, and function as the designated official to serve as coordinator of information.
  6. Provide an updated summary of the facilities reporting to the Michigan Citizen Community Emergency Response Coordinating Council at each meeting.
  7. Annually provide the Administrator of the U.S. EPA with a list of the facilities that reported under section 312 as required under SARA Title III; provide U.S. EPA with information regarding reports submitted pursuant to SARA Title III as requested.
  8. Assist with compliance initiatives and compliance actions; as requested, perform initial compliance checks and provide document support to U.S.EPA, State Police, and the Michigan Citizen Community Emergency Response Coordinating Council; and notify the Council of facilities in noncompliance with reporting requirements.
  9. Receive emergency notification of releases according to Section 304 of SARA Title III, and maintain a record of the required written follow-up notifications;
  10. Maintain contact with LEPCs on reporting matters;
  11. Provide information relating to SARA Title III to the Department of State Police upon request.