Drinking Water Contaminant Remediation Grants

Purpose:  For drinking water infrastructure, grants shall be awarded to drinking water systems for contaminant remediation efforts or connection to an alternate system.

Goals of the Program:  To remove public health risks from drinking water related to PFAS or other drinking water contaminant and to provide financial assistance to drinking water systems.

Criteria and Eligibility:   The following criteria will be used in determining a drinking water contaminant risk to a drinking water source. Projects that meet either items 1 or 2 below shall qualify for grant consideration from a technical standpoint. A grant to an individual system shall not exceed $2,000,000.   

  1. Drinking water systems that have/had positive test results for PFAS or other contaminants in the local area.
  2. Drinking water systems that will be connecting new residential system users. The new users must be private residents that have residential wells with positive test results for PFAS or other contaminates.

Application Process: Applications are available from the Department. Grants can be awarded on a first come basis. Level of funding provided for each grant shall be determined based on the population served by the water system.

Nominating Procedures: None

Deadlines: Applications are accepted continually until program funding is exhausted.

Timelines: Grant cycle is determined by individual project needs.

Dollar Amount Available: A grant to an individual system shall not exceed $2,000,000. There is approximately $4,000,000 in total funding available.

Required Match: A 20% local match is required unless waived by the Water Asset Management Council based on affordability criteria established by the Water Asset Management Council.

Source of Funds: One-time general fund allocation.

Authority: The State is authorized to provide grant assistance pursuant to Public Act 164 of 2016.

Responsible Division/Office Contact: Administration Division, Kelly Green 517-284-5409