Air, Land, Water, and Waste


  • Great Links to Great Science Resources
  • Science resources sorted by category, subcategory, and grade level.
  • Mercury
    Details what Mercury is and how it affects the environment. Provides contacts for disposing of Mercury.
  • Ozone Action Days/Forecasts
    Hourly updates on current 1 hour and 8 hour ozone values.
  • Radon
    EGLE site for local information and sources for test kits.
  • Radon
    The EPA site for sources of information on Indoor Air Quality.
  • West Michigan Ozone Action!
    West Michigan Clean Air Coalition, with Ozone Action! updates
  • XRT - Extraordinary Road Trip Game
    Educational computer game designed to teach players how to analyze the transportation variables affecting air quality. To receive your free copy today, simply send an email request to: Please include your name, school/organization/company, full mailing address, phone number, email address, what subject(s) you teach, how you plan to use XRT, and any comments you may have.


  • Acorn Naturalists
    Resources for Exploring Aquatic Habitats (Curricula on watershed education, wetlands, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, bogs.)


  • America's Water Resources
    Provides information about the nation's water resources, the economic value of clean water, and actions needed to protect water resources.
  • Building a Pond (pdf)
    EGLE guide to permit procedure for building a pond.
  • Common Aquatic Plants of Michigan
    A description of some of the most commonly occurring aquatic plants in Michigan.
  • Give Water a Hand
    National watershed education program designed to involve young people in local environmental service projects.
  • Great Lakes Science
    Focuses on advancing the nature and distribution of Great Lakes-related education materials to the broad audience of educators and students in the Great Lakes region and beyond.
  • Storm Water Month Outreach Materials and Reference Documents
    An EPA website designed to educate all people on storm water.
  • The Great Lakes
    Comprehensive EGLE site on many issues surrounding the Great Lakes.
  • Water's Journey: The River Returns
    This new environmental web documentary is an in-depth exploration of the St. John's watershed, threats to the river and efforts to clean it up. "Water's Journey: The River Returns is part of the award-winning "Water's Journey" series directed by Wes Skiles of Karst Productions.


  • Earth's 911
    Provides a hotline which is accessible by a toll-free number (800-CLEANUP) for individuals to get local information about recycling, household hazardous waste and other environmental issues. Citizens can utilize the hotline to find out the closest place to take their recyclables or hazardous waste.
  • Electronic Equipment (pdf)
    Technology is changing rapidly causing equipment such as computers, printers, televisions, telephones, audio-visual equipment, fax machines, video game equipment, and other devices that use circuit boards to become obsolete very quickly. Many government agencies and manufacturers are attempting to find solutions for this growing waste stream.
  • Environmental Explorers' Club
    Explore your environment and learn neat things you can do to protect it. Games, pictures, stories, and other fun things.
  • How Do I Handle This Waste?
    How to handle numerous wastes from antifreeze to yard waste.
  • Open Burning Regulations (pdf)
    Michigan open burning regulations.