Become a MEECS Facilitator

Note: All MEECS workshops must be taught by recognized facilitators and you must be recognized separately for each unit you wish to facilitate. 

  1. Submit a resume/credentials pertaining to education, teacher training, or the specific MEECS unit subject and state your intent to become a MEECS trainer to: 

Michigan Geographic Alliance

  1. Attend a MEECS Workshop on the unit you wish to become certified in.
    1. Tell the facilitator of the workshop that you are interested in becoming a MEECS facilitator.
    2. The facilitator will then guide you through the MEECS workshop materials with special emphasis on teacher training requirements/tactics.
  2. Co-present a MEECS workshop with a recognized MEECS facilitator.
    1. You will be the main presenter of the workshop, with the facilitator having the role of assisting you, and observing, assessing, and providing you with feedback.
    2. At the completion of the workshop, the recognized facilitator will send in a report of your performance.
  3. Assuming that your credentials and co-presentation of the MEECS workshop are approved, you will be recognized by Central Michigan University and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (EGLE) as a MEECS facilitator and will be added to the list of facilitators on EGLE's Web site. 

Periodically, EGLE and Central Michigan University will jointly host workshops to train more facilitators. When these workshops are scheduled they will be listed on the Workshops and Materials page.

For more information, please contact: