Compliance Assistance Staff

Environmental Assistance Center

Joli Collett
Benita Flores
Kelly Ploehn
Adam Pohl
Veronica Seymour

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Questions on Drinking Water,
Permit Coordination
, Oil Gas and Minerals,
Environmental Audit Privilege and Immunity,
and Speaker Requests can be directed to:

Anita Singh - 517-284-6877


Questions on Air Quality 
Programs can be directed to:

Jenifer Dixon - 517-284-6892 
Jim Ostrowski - 517-284-6870

Clean Air Assistance Program  (CAAP) 


Questions on Remediation 
Programs can be directed to:

Leslie E Smith III - 517-284-6902 




Questions on  Wastewater DIscharge or Environmental Audit, Privilege & Immunity Programs can be directed to: 

Amy Kohlhepp - 517-284-6865

Guide to Water Resources Division


Questions on
Waste and Hazardous Materials 
Programs can be directed to:

Christine Grossman - 517-284-6860