Clean Air Action Day alerts raise awareness of health impacts from ozone, pollution

June 19, 2020
Nick Assendelft, Public Information Officer,, 517-388-3135
Jenifer Dixon, Air Quality Liaison,, 517-284-6892

Today has been designated a Clean Air Action Day in most of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) offers tips for staying safe.

EGLE meteorologists have determined that weather conditions combined with pollution in certain areas of the state is high enough to be a concern to the public. A Clean Air Action Day is called to protect the most sensitive groups of people.

On warm summer days, harmful pollution such as volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides from vehicle exhaust, manufacturing facilities and other sources can become trapped closer to the ground to form ground-level ozone. Clean Air Action Days can also be designated if really tiny dust in a certain area is at a level that may be harmful.

People sensitive to air pollution can follow these tips on Clean Air Action Days to avoid negative effects:

  • Refuel vehicles after 6 p.m.
  • Refrain from mowing the lawn with gas-powered mowers.
  • Drive less, bike or walk.
  • Avoid prolonged, strenuous work or exercise.
  • Walk, bike, or consider using public transportation.

EGLE offers a MI Enviro-Minute Clean Air Action Day video, which explains how warnings are determined and tips on what to do when a day is declared.

You can subscribe to receive air quality alerts for your area. EGLE also provides data collected from air monitors around the state that allows tracking of air quality.

A screenshot from the MI Air Quality Index program, showing a sample of possible quality ranges

Image caption: A screenshot of the air quality information from around the state that is uploaded to the Air Quality Index page. The image above shows a range of air quality ratings from good to moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups.

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