2016 Northern Michigan Environmental Compliance Conference (NMECC)

Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

DECEMBER 7, 2016


2016 NMECC Detailed Agenda


Waste Management Presentations

Waste Regulations 101 Presentation (Waste Regulations 101 Handout)

Basic Waste Characterization & Hazardous Waste Generator Status Presentation (Basic Waste Characterization & Hazardous Waste Generator Status Handout)

Hazardous Waste Generator Accumulation, Storage, and Labeling Requirements Presentation ( Accumulation, Storage and Labeling Handout)

Hazardous Waste Generator Inspections and Recordkeeping Requirements Presentation  | (Inspections and Recordkeeping Requirements Handout)

Water Quality Presentationsscreen image of Part 5 Rules presentation recording

Part 5 Rules: Spillage of Oil & Polluting Materials Presentation (Part 5 Rules Handout)
► View the recorded Part 5 Rules Presentation

Wastewater/Stormwater 101 Presentation (Wastewater/Stormwater 101 Handout)

Storm Water Pollution Prevent Plan (SWPPP) Presentationthumbnail of screen image Visual Assessments presentation recording

Industrial Storm Water Visual Assessments Presentation (Industrial Storm Water Visual Assessments Handout)
► View the recorded Visual Assessments Presentation

Air Quality Presentations

Air Quality Regulations 101 Presentation (Air Quality Regulations 101 Handout)

Air Permitting Overview: Presentation (Air Permit Overview Handout)image of screen capture for Asbestos NESHAP recorded presentation

Asbestos NESHAP Regulations and Requirements Presentation (Asbestos NESHAP Handout)
View the recorded Asbestos NESHAP presentation

Title V Permits: The Renewable Operating Permit (ROP) Modifications Presentation (ROP Modifications Handout)
 View the recorded ROP Modifications Presentationscreen image of ROP Modifications presentation recording

Preparing for an Air Quality Inspection Presentation (Air Quality Inspection Handout)

Remediation/Redevelopment Presentations

Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAS) and Due Care Presentation

New Cleanup Criteria OverviewScreen thumbnail of Cleanup Criteria presentation recording
► View the recorded Cleanup Criteria Overview presentation

Emergency Planning/Response Presentations

Release Response and Reporting

Policy/Updates Presentations

Oil, Gas, Minerals, and Mining Update Presentation (Oil, Gas, Minerals, and Mining Update Handout)