Approval of Programs for Continuing Education Credit-CEC

Approval of Programs for Continuing Education Credit-CEC

Contact: Brianna Moore 517-284-5426

Drinking Water Course Renewal Application(s)

Courses submitted for Continuing Education Credit (CEC) must relate directly to the operation, maintenance, or management of a drinking water system.  In some cases, a course may qualify for both drinking water and wastewater CEC's.  Drinking water and Wastewater CEC's are managed independently from one another.  For Wastewater Operator information, please see the Wastewater Operator Certification page.

If you are submitting a course to be considered for both Drinking Water and Wastewater, you must send separate applications to each respective contact. 

To obtain approval of a training course, the course sponsor must submit an Education and Training Programs CEC Approval Application and a course agenda for each training program to the address listed on the application.  The agenda must clearly show the topic of discussion and the time duration of each program segment. (See Typical Agenda)  Following receipt of the application and agenda, the course will be submitted for Board decision at next scheduled meeting. The Drinking Water Advisory Board of Examiners (ABE) normally meets in April and October of each year, with letter ballots occurring intermittently between meetings.  All course applicants will receive notification of course approval or disapproval as well as specific course completion requirements after the Board decision.  Training program approval will be valid for three years.

 CEC Category Guidance 

Courses submitted for Drinking Water must include 12 copies of the application and agenda.