Surface Coating Operations

Contact: Clean Air Assistance Program, 800-662-9278
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Air Permits for Small Surface Coating Operations

Surface coating operations are subject to a variety of state and federal air requirements. One of them is obtaining an air permit to install (PTI) from EGLE's Air Quality Division for small surface coating operations. This document provides operators of small surface coating operations (approximately 30 tons per year or less of volatile organic compounds or VOCs) a logical approach to determining what activities trigger the need for a PTI, as identified in Rule 201 of the Michigan Administrative Rules (Michigan Rules) for Air Pollution Control. Additional information about permit exemptions and the General Permit to Install will help guide you through the air permit process.

Additional Forms

  • "Rule 287(2)(c) Permit to Install Exemption Record: Surface Coating Equipment" - Rule 287(2)(c) of the Michigan Administrative Rules for Air Pollution Control exempts surface coating operations that use less than 200 gallons of coating per month from having to obtain a permit to install. This form can be used to comply with the coating usage record-keeping requirements of the rule: 

  • "Michigan Air Pollution Control Rules Rule 290 Guidance (February 2020)" - Rule 290 of the Michigan Administrative Rules for Air Pollution Control exempts sources of air pollution with limited emissions for having to obtain a permit to install. This guidance can be used when determining how to comply with emission data record-keeping requirements of the rule. 

  • VOC / HAP Emissions Calculation: Spreadsheet and Instructions - This recordkeeping spreadsheet can be used to calculate VOC and HAP emissions from paints, solvents, and other evaporative loss products. This spreadsheet is specifically geared towards smaller companies who need help with recordkeeping to demonstrate compliance with their general permit or exemption. NOTE: You must save the file to your computer before entering data into the spreadsheet. When you open the spreadsheet, you may get a message box asking you to enable/disable macros. Please click "enable macros." Go up to your top menu and click on "Tools" > "Macro Security." You will need to change your security level to medium and then press OK. You will now be able to use the spreadsheet.

  • General Permit to Install for a Coating Line Emitting up to 10 tons per year of volatile organic compounds

  • Permit to Install Application and Instructions