ROP Forms for Compliance Reporting & Changes After Permit Issuance

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Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

ROP Forms

Compliance Reporting & Certification Forms

These forms have undergone minor changes several times. No substantive content changes have ever been made to the forms; therefore, the original or any revised version may be used for reporting purposes.

ROP Notification, Amendment & Modification Forms

Applications to incorporate newly applicable MACT requirements as a modification will be returned. These changes will be incorporated during the renewal of the ROP. In the interim, the source must comply with the applicable MACT requirements.

Other Documents

  • Legal Citations for ROP Revision Process: Supplemental Information for Changes at a Major Stationary Source after Renewable Operating Permit Issuance
  • Lean Process Improvement: ROP Modifications Action Team Report (December 2010)
  • Life After ROP: Renewable Operating Permit Reporting & Revisions Workbook (November 2015) - A practical guide to complying with the responsibilities after ROP issuance.