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Air Quality Division (AQD) staff group photo at Higgins Lake in 2018

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Air Quality Division Year in Review 2019

AQD Year in Review 2019 Report Cover

EGLE's mission is to protect Michigan's environment and public health by managing air, water, land and energy resources Protecting air quality is a priority for EGLE. Whereas historic trends show air quality continues to improve across Michigan, there is still work to be done to reduce air pollution. The AQD is committed to maintaining a robust monitoring network, conducting inspections, writing enforceable permits, and engaging with our diverse communities to continue the trend of improving air quality for the citizens of Michigan. Looking back on 2019, we see progress; but we realize our work effort cannot diminish. We must continue to take steps forward in not only doing our normal work, but also identifying what else can be done for the future. The environment is not stagnant. Therefore, our work cannot also be stagnant. The work being accomplished by AQD staff provides a state Michigan residents can be proud of. Please join us in our ongoing efforts to keep our air clean and make Michigan a healthier place to live.

We are pleased to provide you with our 2019 Air Quality Program Report.

Required by Act 451 Section 5522 (9) of Part 55 Detailing Air Quality Program Activities

EGLE submits a year-end report to the Governor and legislature in March. The report provides information about Title V and non-Title V enforcement, compliance, and permitting activities. Revenue information from fees, federal funds, and general fund appropriations is also included.

Reports which are published for public review can be accessed from our home page and scrolling down to the Annual Air Quality Reports heading under the "Monitoring" tab.