Air Quality Source Information

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Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Effective October 1, 2013, Air Quality Division will begin to post inspection reports, stack test report executive summaries, enforcement documents, and annual emissions reports. Permits to Install (PTI), Renewable Operating Permits (ROP), and public comment documents have been available on-line and access information is listed below.

Available Files and Naming Conventions*

Sources are identified by State Registration Number (SRN), an Unidentified Facility Number (beginning with the letter "U"), or an Establishment Number (beginning with the letters "EN").

  • Annual Emissions Query
  • Stack Test Report Executive Summaries (SRN_TEST)
  • Enforcement Documents (SRN_ACO, SRN_AFO, SRN_CJ, or SRN_ENFN, SRN_STIP)
  • Inspection Reports (SRN_SAR and SRN_FCE)
  • Violation Notices (SRN_VN)
  • Dry Cleaning Violation Notices (EN_DCVN, EN = Establishment Number)
  • Asbestos Violation Notices (SRN_ASBVN)
  • Response to Violation Notice (SRN_RVN, SRN_RASBVN)
  • Further Information Regarding File Naming Conventions

Source Files (includes Asbestos and Dry Cleaning Sources)

New source files are added once per week and the lists are updated every Monday morning.

Public Comment Documents

Permit Documents*

Sources with information available are sorted by State Registration Number (SRN), the source name, or location.

To Request Further Information

*If any of the folders are not available, no documents of that type exist for the source. If a link leads to a page with only "parent directory" showing, this indicates that no documents are available at this time for this source. Information may be available pre-dating October 1, 2013, and can be requested via FOIA.