Volatilization to Indoor Air Pathway for Environmental Professionals

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    Vapor Intrusion occurs when vapors from volatile chemicals in contaminated soil or ground water migrate through subsurface soils and/or preferential pathways (such as underground utilities) and impact the indoor air quality of any overlying buildings.

    The Vapor Intrusion information linked to this web page includes specific guidance developed by EGLE, reference materials including technical resources, training opportunities, and examples of Vapor Intrusion investigations completed within the state of Michigan. There is also a point of contact information for any questions you may have on vapor intrusion in your area.


    Rule 290 Calculation Tool for Vapor Intrusion sites Most vapor mitigation systems do not need an air permit in order to be installed and operated.  In order to determine whether your system needs an air permit, you can input your information into the Rule 290 Calculation tool and see whether your air emissions will be below limits.

    A new document for everyone:  "What is Vapor Intrusion and How is it Investigated?"

    The Vapor Intrusion Web Page launched and includes a variety of information including the full Guidance Document for download, links to informative web sites, and downloadable training slide shows.

    Work on the web site will be ongoing and new items will continue to be added.