Site Investigation and Cleanup

  • Response activity to address sites of environmental contamination generally proceeds in a sequence of steps, which can include initial evaluation, interim response, remedial investigation, remedial action, operation and maintenance, and monitoring. You can access documents here that will help you understand requirements for those steps, including remedial action plan requirements and Michigan's land-use based cleanup criteria.
  • Great Lakes Environmental Remediation and Redevelopment Conference October 16-18, 2019

    The Great Lakes Environmental Remediation and Redevelopment Conference in Lansing, Michigan is a first-of-its-kind conference that will provide a unique forum to focus on remediation and redevelopment in the Great Lakes Region. The conference is designed to promote the sharing of knowledge surrounding key issues that confront environmental professionals every day. Five main tracks will engage attendees in topics such as remediation, emerging contaminants, program implementation and performance, redevelopment, and region-wide interest topics. Participants will learn about management methods, successful solutions, and best practices.