Criteria Stakeholder Advisory Workgroup

Contact: Joshua Mosher 517-284-5134

***Generic Cleanup Criteria Proposed Rules Revisions***

The Criteria Stakeholder Advisory (CSA) Workgroup was created by the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), previously the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), for the purpose of evaluating the current Cleanup Criteria and providing recommendations to the Director for updating the criteria, taking into account best practices from other states, reasonable and realistic conditions, and sound science.  The Cleanup Criteria has not been substantially updated since 2002. The CSA Workgroup was charged to:

  • Identify guiding principles to be used for updating the criteria; and
  • Apply the guiding principles in the selection of assumptions and algorithms to be used in updating the criteria

The CSA Workgroup met from March through November 2014.  A final report and recommendations for EGLE were finalized in July 2015.  The final report consists of a 17 page CSA Workgroup Report, plus a final report for each of the four Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs).  (The TAG final reports are provided here as a separate documents for the ease of downloading and reviewing.)

All of the CSA Workgroup recommendations have been accepted by EGLE.  A DEQ Response to the CSA Workgroup Recommendations is available here.  The Remediation and Redevelopment Division (RRD) is implementing those recommendations in the development of updated Cleanup Criteria Administrative Rules.  The process for updating the Cleanup Criteria Administrative Rules involves a number of tasks related to evaluating and selecting the most appropriate toxicological data, physical-chemical properties, and exposure assumptions for each of the 300 plus hazardous substances.  EGLE is committed to conducting these tasks in accordance with the recommendations from the CSA Workgroup, including the need to ensure transparency. 

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