Radiological Protection Notices and Guidelines

Form Number Title

EQC 1602

Cleanup and Disposal Guidelines for Sites Contaminated with Radium-226

EQC 1606

Emergency Action Guidelines for Response Personnel at Accidents Involving Radioactive Material

EQC 1621

Information for Educators Notice: Potential Safety Hazard

EQC 1627

Notice to Employees

EQC 1636

Detection and Handling of Radioactive Sources at Scrap Metal Facilities

EQP 1601

Radioactive Materials Temporary Job Site Notification

DOT-SP 10656

U.S. Department of Transportation DOT-SP 10656 exemption to allow shippers to be exempt from certain Department of Transportation requirements as long as authorized by state radiation control officials. The shipper should receive a copy of this 7 page form and a shipment approval to be filled out by the Michigan Radiological Protection Section. Contact 517-284-5185.